Living an xkcd Cartoon

My interest in the Lisp family continues with my project to implement Scheme from Scratch. Lisp is the greatest and of course I (would like to) implement everything in Lisp.

At the same time, I’m also developing a web application framework and a real business idea that I’d actually like to put into production. For all the usual reasons, like “it works” and “CPAN”, I’m plugging my nose and implementing in Perl.

In the past two weeks, both of these projects have gelled mentally and it dawned on me that I’m living an xkcd cartoon :-S



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Chris Kleeschulte January 3, 2010

I gave this cartoon a second look; sometimes an xkcd cartoon requires this. The parallels to my own life are staggering sometimes. Maybe it is the lambda that has taken hold, but when you come out of that fog, there is real work to do!

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